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  • This 62 piece kit contains the perfect assortment of factory sized metric bolts, nuts, cotter pins, rivets and washers for late model sport and utility ATVs including Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki.
  • Comes in a compact container that is perfect to take with you on the trail or keep in your tool box.
  • High quality 8.8 and 12.9 grade bolts are quenched and tempered to ensure durability.
  • Kit Includes: (5) Flange Nuts, (2) M10 Locking Flange Lug Nuts, (2) Adaptors to convert lug nuts to tapered, (2) Flush Mount Screws, (2) Allen Head Carburetor Bolts, (2) Lock Washers for Carburetor Bolts, (8) Button Head Bolts, (2) Fairing Bolts, (6) Flat Washers, (5) Fender Washers, (5) Cotter Pins, (10) M6 8mm Hex Head Flange Bolts, (4) M8 10mm Hex Head Flange Bolts, (3) M8 Two-Stage Pry Nylon Rivets, (1) M6 Three-Stage Push Nylon Rivets, (3) M8 Three-Stage Push Nylon Rivets.

Set de 62 piezas Pernos y Tuercas Tusk

SKU: ROC-AS-0109-X
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